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Ray Winstone’s got it wrong: It’s not all about the in-play

In-play data is a big source of untapped potential in sports betting according to visitors at ICE Totally Gaming today, but it’s not the biggest.

Nearly 1 in 4 #SportsBiz experts making their way to london’s ExCel for #ICEgaming today said that virtual sports (ie: computer generated matches) is currently where the most untapped potential for innovation in the sports betting industry can be found.

A quick walk around the show underlines the appetite for virtual gaming as sportsbooks look to ensure an ever more diverse, round-the-clock opportunity to bet for their punters. and with almost endless numbers of events and start-times possible in the virtual world, combined with ever more convincing gtraohic propositions it’s really no surprise Virtual is on the rise.

Here’s the full story:

image (6)

Should Ray and his chums be worried? will we see virtual sports outperform real ones for punters’ attention?  let us know your thoughts at @NowCommsSport.


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