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Is there room for improvement for your LMS’s content?

Attendees at today’s #LTSF will no doubt have seen our pollsters asking their fellow delegates some pressing questions for the L&D community. In conjunction with Course Source, we’re exploring how the industry views its LMS platforms, and where there’s room for improvement.

An LMS is only as good – or as bad – as the content it hosts, so what are L&D professionals’ views on the content at their disposal?

Here’s what the L&D professionals we polled this morning said:

Content ChoiceThis makes for interesting reading: While 48% of attendees questioned stated they were pretty happy with the quality of content they had at their disposal, the rest of them – that’s 52%  –  were rather less positive.  A huge swathe seemed pretty ambivalent, with no real opinion and to us, nothing is worse than apathy.  So what can LMS providers and their content publishing partners do to improve things?  Funnily enough our next question seeks to answer just that.

Want to engage in the debate?  Join Course Source‘s Ken Wood at 15:45 this afternoon in seminar room 1 as he explores the hidden costs of Learning Management Systems and the opportunities afforded by cloud-based systems.



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