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Confidence in Asia looks rock solid for #ICEgaming visitors focused on sportsbook market

Nearly 4 in 10 of today’s #ICEgaming visitors expect this year’s biggest growth in the sportsbooks market to occur in Asia.

When asked by NowComm’s fast50 pollsters to consider regions of highest potential for the sportsbook market, over 38% of visitors making their way to the Ice Totally Gaming event at London’s ExCel this morning named Asia as the region with highest potential.

In comparison with other regions, confidence in Asia looks rock solid.  Visitors taking part in the Now #betfast50 project this morning placed North America and Africa as the second and third regions most likely to power growth in the sportsbook market.

Over 16% remain optimistic about North American potential despite the complex regulatory environment and merging regions singled out as one’s to watch in 2015 were Australia and Germany.

Here’s the full story in one chart.

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